Bad habits.

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The Folly Bistro, East Hanningfield, Essex
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Joules oversized monochrome scarf
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Joules scarf
The Folly Bistro, East Hanningfield, Essex
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Joules check blanket scarf
Joules monochrome scarf review
East Hanningfield, Essex
Zara coat: £30 (similar). Oasis top: £13.20. Vintage suede skirt: £8, charity shop (similar). Debenhams loafers. Monochrome scarf: c/o Joules. Vintage bag. Essie Maximillian Strasse Her (still don't understand that name, surely it's just Strasse?).

In the wake of messers Turner and Kane dropping a new release named 'Bad Habits', I thought why not compile a list of my own?

- I am twenty four and I still bite my nails. I know, okay? I KNOW.
- There is a rather large pile of black boots by the front door which look suspiciously similar but which are definitely not exactly the same (eyeing up another pair now).
- Texts don't need to be replied to immediately, do they? I honestly do try, but when whatsapp's crashed on me for the sixth time in a row I tend to give up for the next few months.
- If I'm going to be on the 6.47 am train, I am going to use all forces necessary to ensure I get a seat.
- Eye contact: I'm all for it as I am otherwise useless at reading a person, and if you don't meet mine I'll immediately think you're hiding something.
- I tend to go out of my way to conceal how I feel (ew, emotions), until it reaches a point of no return and I either cry or shout at someone.
- Biting off the top, eating the filling and then eating the rest of a Creme Egg.
- Drinking that one drink too many...
- ... then agreeing to go to the pub the day after.
- Saying "just putting that A Level art to good use" every time I do something vaguely creative.
- Making grand plans of going to that new pop-up for lunch to support an independent high street, then going to Pret 'cause it's closer. Every. Bloody. Time.
- Thinking one blog post a week is totally manageable, and then realising preeeetty quickly it's far from it (send help and daylight hours).

Any bad habits you'd care to share? brb, kick-starting whatsapp again.

Hello from the other siiiiiide.

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sainsburys tu clothing blogger
sainsburys tu clothing blogger
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chelmsford age uk head office
sainsburys tu clothing blogger

Hello, 2016! I've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to do a "round up of 2015" style post like I did last year, but seeing as the big one-five was actually a pretty crummy year maybe it's best to let that one lie. In short: it all started pretty well, but stress levels hit an all time high, resulting in some serious side-effects on my health (both mental and physical), and who really wants to read about that? I was determined to see in the new year with a drink in hand surrounded by plenty of people to make sure I didn't wallow about, and one stupid journey later we were toasting the first hour. Even if it's just one night, for me there's something about making sure your year starts as you mean to go on: happy, carefree, and surrounded by friends.

Back to the present, 2016's been alright so far. Made myself some cheese scones, bought a Mulberry handbag, drunk a litre of hangover cure in an hour - not much for me to complain about, my bank account however... Here's to a new year of treating yourself right, and just plain old treating yourself.

A love letter Christmas.

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Brights Path, Maldon, Essex
brights path maldon essex christmas
Luella military shift dress
Carlton Jewellers, Maldon, Essex
Christmas tree gif
Christmas quote, retailSchuh over the knee boots
How to style thigh high boots
Blue Boar, Maldon Essex at Christmas
Independent shops in Maldon, Essex
Schuh over the need grey boots
River Island faux fur scarf: £28 (now £15, typical). Topshop jacket (old): £27. Luella dress (old): ebay. Over the knee boots: c/o Schuh.

It's happened again. Working in retail, we were finalising our Christmas campaign way back in June, and that Thing in the distance has suddenly clicked its fingers in my face, but instead of digits it was someone spilling mulled wine on my desk. Now it's somehow Christmas Eve, I've started making up for lost time on the mince pies (how gorgeous are these ones from Bettys?) after recovering from the Christmas party, and it'll all be festive cheer the moment it clocks 1 and we finish for the weekend.

Just a quick one from me today, as these wreath-filled photos might be a tad out of season if I wait until my normal Sunday to post, but all my love for the big day - hope you get out of it argument-free and have three times your GDA of roast potatoes! brb, eating five days worth of advent calendar chocolates.
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