So let me restart.

There are plenty of things in life you can rely on. The list includes:
- re-reading 'His Dark Materials'
- cheesy chips
- 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
- a (strong, no sugar) mug of 'Yorkshire Tea'
- a go-to must-have wear-all-the-time little black dress

My collection of LBDs started way back when, and I always seem to treat myself to a new one every few months. Personal favourites include a velvet bodycon number I picked up for my eighteenth birthday (cor, this is a blast from the past, still stand by the sentiment though), all-over sequins for my twenty-first, and a velvet smock dress because velvet and smock. When boohoo got in touch and asked if I wanted to style up one of their dresses, I subconsciously very actively headed straight to the black section to see which one would be my next in my wardrobe. I decided to go for this shift dress with D-ring detailing (this one fits true to size, I probably didn't need to size up this time), and dressed it up with the prettiest shoes around and stacked rings. This worked out being the perfect Saturday lunch dress, because who doesn't love a dress you can adjust to fit more loosely post-dessert? No one. Absolutely no one.

Polka dots and pretty houses.

Chinti and Parker polka dot shirt: £4.95 (!!), via charity shop (similar). Vintage leather jacket: £17.50. Asos petite Ridley jeans: £30. Oasis chelsea boots: £41 (now on sale). Primark hat: £7. Speech bubble necklace: c/o Tatty Devine. Topshop and H Samuel rings. Essie 'maximillian strasse her'. MAC 'Ravishing'.

It would seem that my mum and I have been tackling a 'places in Essex we've never been' list with much aplomb. A far cry from TOWIE (literally, we went in the opposite direction from Sugar Hut), we stumbled across enough pastel-coloured houses to rival Notting Hill, with significantly less tourists and plenty more opportunities for no-queuing-necessary afternoon tea. Castle Hedingham (the place, not the castle) is full of narrow winding streets working their way up and down, interspersed with plenty of ancient pubs and tea-rooms. Dreamy.

Onto one of my other recent finds: this shirt. I've been frequenting charity shops less than usual, but will still pop in if I happen to be in town for a reason other than to use the train station/go to the gym/be a bottle of wine down. I picked up this Chinti and Parka shirt for less than a fiver because I genuinely liked it, not realising till I got home that they retail for well over £100 - can I get a 'hell yeah'? And, of course, I couldn't not mention this amazing necklace team Tatty sent over to cheer up one very blue Monday, featuring my tweet in cold, shiny, hard plastic. It may not make the start of the week any easier, but it sure gives the guy at the station something to chuckle at as he prepares my 'large, for Monday' latte.

Rise 'n' shine.

Get ready with me...

As someone who sees YouTube as a purely "watch this when you're too tired to comprehend words" pastime, it's hardly surprising that I'm going to take a YT tag and make it with still photos (not entiiirely true, there is a gif included) rather than sick a camera in my face and start haphazardly filming. Regardless, consider this bandwagon limply touched jumped on.

6.30 am - alarm rings.

6.31 am - alarm snoozed.

6.40 am - wake up.

6.45 am - shower. Current favourite shower gels in rotation are Soap and Glory's 'Sugar Crush', Lush's 'Hot Toddy' (i.e. I still have some left over from Christmas) and Rituals' 'Yogi Flow.

7.00 am - time to cleanse. I never use soap on my face as I find it far too drying for my skin, instead preferring to use a cleansing face wash. Right now I'm favouring Neal's Yard's 'Orange Flower Facial Wash'.

7.02 am - brush teeth. But do you really need to see a photo of my toothbrush?

7.06 am - first things first. I'm a serum lover, I'll admit it. I recently received Antipodes' 'Hosanna Intensive Hydrating Serum' from the Nutrition Centre, and it's doing a damn good job. It took a while to really see any change, but give it a week or two and you'll notice your skin looks brighter and continued use is really helping to make it look like I get eight hours sleep a night.

7.08 am - moisturise. If I love serum, then moisturisers take things to a whole new level. I start with the Body Shop's 'Vitamin E Eye Cream' and 'Vitamin E Intensive Moisture Cream', and then dab Elizabeth's Arden's 'Eight Hour Cream*' onto problem areas (for me, my nose and persistent spots).
*This isn't a cream, it's a gel. One of life's many, many lies.

7.15 am - potter. If there's one thing I've noticed all twenty-somethings enjoy doing, it's aimlessly pottering. It's the BEST. Extra points if you can turn it into a brew break.

7.25 am - make some bad life choices. Run through enough outfit changes to make Katy Perry bow down.

7.35 am - make it up (literally). I'm as far from a beauty expert as you'll ever get, but I seem to get by with my on point eyeliner flicks.

7.50 am - add a leather jacket, grab your season ticket and get to the train station.

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