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After my Brilliantly British post, it didn't seem to take me long to try out the Heybridge Basin tearooms. In fact, all I required was a day off and a slight bit of persuasion on my mum's part and we were out the door. As it was a bank holiday the weather decided to (technical term right here) piss it down, so it only felt apt to go for something nautical. I found this co-ord set when my mum was cleaning out her wardrobe before we moved house last year. I'm well aware that it's not flattering in the slightest but it's stripy and so comfy that I honestly couldn't care less. And I call myself a style blogger...

Regardless, it was lovely to wander round a new corner of Essex I'd previously left undiscovered for a few hours (yes, we ended up in a pub to "take shelter from the rain", shame that) that is only about twenty minutes away from where I live, and I got to climb on walls when it explicitly said to not climb on the walls. Can't keep this little rebel down.

Where's all my soul sisters.

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You may or may not have noticed that there's someone else joining me in these photos. Missguided got in touch asking who my BFF was, and my immediate thought was the girl who'd travel across countries to see me if I was feeling a bit down or happen to have festival tickets - we ought to be at Parklife right about now, actually! Sabby's appeared on this blog a fair few times, accompanied me to events, and generally been an all-round top lad since I sat next to her in my first history A level class nearly five years ago. In that time she's lived in Paris, I've lived in Munich, and we've got through a few more bottles of vodka than it's probably acceptable to admit (well, she is part-Russian, after all). As a general rule, I'm pretty guarded with who I share things with due to a fair amount of past disappointment, but this one seems to be doing alright. I'm not one to get all soppy, and I'm definitely not letting her read this before it's published as she's handily packing hot pants for the weekend's festival right now, but it truly does mean more than I let on to have a friend who really is there for you all the time even when it's 3am and you're in a different time zone, loyal even when they know you're being a bit of an idiot, and literally feeds my love for hummus. That last one's the most important, obviously.

Maman les petits bateaux qui vont sur l'eau, ont-ils des jambes?

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T-shirt: c/o Petit Bateau. Asos petite jeans: £28. Brit Stitch satchel. Urban Outfitters fedora: £26. Vintage white pumps: mum's. Rotary watch.

Cohen's back, tell a friend. Seeing as I tend to take photos in advance (thank god, seeing as I haven't had the time to take any in the past week, because life) it seems weird to think that these were taken just two days after flying back, which technically makes this the first UK outfit for a while. I'm now very much in a schedule: I've completed jury service, am now three days into my internship at Cath Kidston and back to complaining daily about how appalling Greater Anglia's service is. Tonight I'm headed in a Nando's direction - the one direction I'm interested in, heh - before staying at a friend's, which isn't really leaving that much time for sleep.

On a more legitimate fashion blogger note (when I'm tired I tend to go on rather obscure tangents, the above is actually pretty focused), I was incredibly excited when I got an email from the people behind Petit Bateau. You may have seen that I'm a fan of the Petit Bateau marinière I picked up in the sale from their Munich store, and it's nice to wear a t-shirt that's good quality and not an arctic monkeys band tee, which are still going strong a good five years from first purchase. Of course, I took this nautical motif very seriously and headed down to the water to watch the Thames sailing barges with their distinct brown sails float on the river Chelmer at Maldon . I do like to work on a theme.

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